“Beautiful SUV with great trunk space. Very smooth drive and overall, 10/10 vehicle” (2022)

- Rachel, Caymans Islands.
Jeep Renegade

“Love my new Jeep and love the warm and friendly experience dealing with the team!” (2022)

- Benjamin, Bahamas.
Jeep Renegade

“One of my greatest investments, great vehicle!. I had a wonderful purchasing experience.” (2022)

- Joseph, Antigua.
Jeep Wrangler

“The Wrangler is a superb vehicle. Very powerful and commanding while being easy to handle. It is unique, in its own way and stands out from everything else on the road” (2022)

- Jason, Trinidad.
Jeep Wrangler

“The Grand Cherokee Overland provides excellent road handling; the interior features are great and are more appropriate for my lifestyle.” (2022)

- Michael, Bahamas.
Jeep Grand Cherokeee

“Best Vehicle for the roads of Trinidad” (2022)

- Carl, Trinidad.
Jeep Gladiator

"I couldn't be happier with the decision to purchase a Jeep Compass. It's a versatile family SUV. Love the interior and the touch screen. Very happy with my purchase" (October, 2020)

- Indeera, Trinidad & Tobago.
Jeep Compass

"I drove my mom's Toyota before. However, extremely happy with the performance of the Jeep" (February, 2021)

- Elizabeth, The Bahamas.
Jeep Wrangler

"In 2006 I purchased my first Jeep Grand Cherokee…I kept going back to the Jeep…I am still in awe with all its bells and whistles. Incredibly happy…" (September, 2020)

- Vernecia, BVI.
Jeep Grand Cherokee

“Very nice and lovely car that I have always dreamed of and that came true. I am happy with my purchase and this is the type of car you really need to ride In Haiti” (September, 2020)

-Charles. Haiti.
Jeep Wrangler

“Very pleased with the service from Lifestyle. The finance was very good. It was hassle free” (February, 2021)

-Radian, Trinidad & Tobago.
Jeep Gladiator

“Delightfully surprised. The product far outweighed my expectation. Good quality and feature list… Satisfied with the Wrangler” (September, 2020)

-Avinash, Trinidad & Tobago.
Jeep Wrangler